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Date 23/05/2010

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What would it be like if you could just let go of all your stress & tension? Have you been thinking that you simply must do something to relax, and soon? The wait is over! I'm here to offer you a wonderful experience: a therapeutic full-body rub designed to leave you feeling renewed & invigorated.


Whether you envision a hot oil rubdown, or a decadent shower with rejuvenating body scrub, I'd love to make you feel amazing. Quality, custom-made massage oils & body scrubs are used; Unscented available by request. I want you to close your eyes for a moment, and imagine my soft yet strong hands gliding effortlessly across your tight muscles, pressing, rubbing and rhythmically stroking every inch.


All you have to do is accept and enjoy this. Nothing is required of you other than to simply be and feel. The SST (Sensual Swedish Touch) experience is enhanced by scented candles & chakra-aligning music.




OUTCALL: 1 hr/325 - 1.5 hr/450 - 2 hrs/550


The person who would most enjoy time with me is looking for something more than "just a massage" and price is neither their first nor only consideration. My Sensual Swedish Touch is for the individual who wishes to splurge a bit and indulge in whole-body ecstasy. If this appeals to you, I invite you to get in touch! I decline to respond to any crude, impolite or terse emails (how much/what do I get/Are u avail) Kindness counts.


I truly enjoy sharing my passion for massage, but my life is also filled with other commitments & pursuits. For this reason, I am only able to visit your home or hotel with a minimum of 24 hr notice. Advance booking up to 3 months in advance is accepted. Painless verification is necessary to ensure both my safety and our mutual compatibility.




Please complete my reservation form HERE


I will get back to you shortly. Thank you for reading; your respectful interest is appreciated.